Get the best from your team

Are you getting the best from those on your team? Do you need ideas on how to coach them? Do you know how to speak their language? Do you need to change the team dynamics? Whether you have team members who are difficult to manage or are experts that you want to encourage, or if you want to build a more cohesive team, we will discuss communication approaches, team building ideas, and even how to fire someone so that both of you see the benefit.


Ensure your visibility

Do you know how to interact with your manager and those in positions above and beyond so that you and your team are seen as the valuable asset you are? Do you know how to translate technology concepts and details into business language or vice versa? Are you aware of communication methods that convey the message you want to send? We will discuss tools and techniques that will ensure clarity, decisiveness, awareness or whatever is appropriate for the situations you are faced with.


Climb higher

Get better at what you're already good at, or identify what you need to do to advance to the next level. Improve your communication, identify new skills that complement or expand your toolset and how to add them. Identify the strengths and challenges of your personal style and how to leverage them. We will discuss problem solving techniques, organization approaches, key performance indicators, goal setting, and other topics that build your professional value and enable you to advance to the next level if that's what you want.


Yarmouth, ME, USA

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