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    I am a results-oriented technology management coach with significant experience working with an assortment of people and businesses in a global environment. I am honest and direct. I listen. I will stop you before you go too far in the wrong direction. I will provide ideas when you are stuck or want another opinion. I am an expert problem solver and will work with you so you can solve the problems you're faced with in your professional role. Let's talk.

    Having an experienced technology executive behind the scenes to provide tips & techniques, be a sounding board, or assist you in problem solving or strategy development can make the difference between excelling or drowning.

    IT Management & Executive Coaching  

    I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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    Are you

    • A Tech Lead with aspirations of management?

    • A C-level exec responsible for your company's tech?

    • A Tech manager or CIO without Tech experience?

    • A PM responsible for tech projects?

    • A start-up and need Tech guidance & strategy?


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